What To Expect From Bmgp At The Arab Health 2023

What To Expect from BMGP At the Arab Health 2023

With a proven business model etched with success, BMGP has been delivering remarkable efficiencies and valuable outcomes within a short span of time. Through the best leading practices, procurement has been ideally optimized for healthcare providers. And to really mark its presence as a healthcare leader, BMGP will be present at the eminent Arab Health 2023, the largest healthcare event for the Middle East. This will be hosted from 30th Jan to 2nd Feb at the Dubai World Trade Center.

Amidst a crowd of 5000 exhibitors, BMGP will aim to deliver positive transformations, advanced technologies and proven improvements to all who come on board.

What really comes in the ways to make happy communities? Here is the treasure of offers we have on the table for you at the Arab health exhibition.

Profit Margins That Speak Volumes

Procurement and in turn the profitability it determines is any good reason for business to make it their tactical goal. This is also an aspect we give precedence to, where our expertise comes in play. Over time, we have carefully collated a number of valuable, competitive contracts that are waiting to be grabbed at the Arab Health Exhibition. So, whether it is medical devices, consumables, or any kind of medical equipment in Dubai, we will give you prices that preserve cash, eliminate fraud and get rid of rouge spending. Being a BMGP member, you get access to the largest medical equipment companies in Dubai.

We’ll equip you with tools and data that centralizes it and streamlines the whole procurement process. Simplified, enhanced, strategic and relevant – that’s how we’ll plan to boost your profitability. Wish to know more? Arab health conference 2023 is the perfect chance to try!

Bid Farewell To The Dreaded Extra OPEX

Did you know that with the new advancements in cloud, OpEx models can easily purchase latest IT services? We build plans to guide you through leading supply chain practices in the most effective ways. This gives the luxury to then allocate funds to other revenue-generating activities instead. Our team at Arab Health Expo will discuss aspects like seasonal cycles so as to determine which exact times its ideal to ‘size up’ and not overbuy according to changing markets.

Our mission is to bring about deliverables that chop off OpEx by 20% and nurture profitability for the long run. Are you ready to leverage your healthcare practice to its maximum potential?

Be Seen, Be Heard, Be Impactful, Be Influential

Speed is value. We use a state-of-the-art e-procurement and software platform that makes quick data driven decisions. It has integrations that give accurate analytics, ideal contract management, paying power and assistance for better decision making. We’ll take you through achieving commercial benefits as healthcare organizations, vendors or a provider in the region. So, expect best prices and services offered to you at the Arab Health Expo.

Our purchasing aggregation model encourages a cut in medical costs. The best part? It’s not just about pricing, we also lead reduction in operational costs by 20%. Gain visibility to potential savings.

BMGP is not here to replace vendors or suppliers. We are there to drive industry-wide successes and give enhanced profitability assurance to all our partners. That’s the point we would love to expand on during the Arab Health Exhibition.

Nothing Like Having A Reduced Inventory

Inventory exists to meet customer demands. However, changing markets and competition today has really started affecting keeping a steady level. We take you through chalked plans on how it is essential to not put all cash into inventory. It is all about diversification of your portfolio. We formulate strategies, narrow down logistics and manage supply chain to take you towards a positive impact on cash flow.

How does high inventory affect? What to do when customer demand gets forecasted wrong? If inventory becomes obsolete, what are the step to go forward? As our partners, you’ll have our undivided support to solve these issues and much more.

When inventory levels are balanced, you save on costs, reduce the chances of profit lost and have cash for spending on other operations. Walk with us on a journey of reducing material maintenance, cost, becoming flexible and getting reduced waste. So, please do meet us at the Arab Health Conference 2023.

Hopping on our boat will definitely help you sail through costs, minimize risk of liquidity. No more spending hours sourcing, arranging and sustaining contracts. We’ll focus on you as you give your attention to customers. Sit with us for a conversation at Arab Health Exhibition and watch your order placement processes become as simple as tapping on a screen.

We’d love to join forces and enhance negotiations strength, offering you contractual strength in turn. Experience technology that understands deeply, built by Supply chain professionals for Supply chain professionals. Don’t miss out on the prices, services, technologies and engaging conversations. Your Powerful Procurement Partners are only a few steps away, see you there!

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