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Maximizing the Value of Your GPO Membership: Tips and Best Practices

In recent years, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a rapid shift in the way healthcare organizations have been functioning in UAE and around the world. There is an increasing need to manage healthcare finances, ensuring a smooth supply chain even in crisis, while providing quality patient care at the same time. In […]

The Future of Medical Equipment Purchasing: Predictions and Trends

It doesn’t come as a surprise to know the global medical equipment market is predicted to be boosted by more than 10% CAGR by 2027. What has led to this increase? The start of many more medical institutions as the access to healthcare becomes more prevalent. Through the recent years, there’s also been a boom […]

The Role of a GPO in the Procurement Process for Medical Equipments

Ever wondered if you could minimize your total investment cost while purchasing the ideal volume of medical supplies at discounted rates? That’s what GPO or Healthcare Group Purchasing Organizations work to achieve for you. Around the world, GPOs are comprised of medical suppliers, medical professionals, hospitals, clinics, institutions, etc. For example, if you’re a healthcare […]

What is a GPO? History & Evolution of GPOs in the Healthcare Industry

In the last few years, GPOs or Group Purchasing Organizations have become increasingly popular in UAE’s healthcare industry. However, the concept of GPOs has been around for over a century now. So what is a GPO and how does it make a difference to your healthcare quality and costs? Let’s take a look. What Is […]

Why Healthcare Professionals Should Attend Healthcare Exhibition?

Dubai, being the heart of the Middle East, is the best location to host Arab World Exhibition, 2023. The city has established a strong global presence, giving innumerable opportunities for connections in markets across. Another title rightfully gifted is being the business hub with phenomenal growth each year. It boasts of developed healthcare markets, remarkable […]

What To Expect from BMGP At the Arab Health 2023

With a proven business model etched with success, BMGP has been delivering remarkable efficiencies and valuable outcomes within a short span of time. Through the best leading practices, procurement has been ideally optimized for healthcare providers. And to really mark its presence as a healthcare leader, BMGP will be present at the eminent Arab Health […]

Effective Cost Reduction Strategies in the Healthcare Industry

Running a medical center is not the easiest thing to do. You have to prepare all the supplies for patient walk-ins and handling emergencies. Connecting with medical items suppliers in Dubai can be tough because supplies can be expensive in the long run, and you need constant supplies. You need to find ways to cut down […]

How Can You Optimize Your Indirect Spend By Leveraging a GPO?

Businesses worldwide, including the healthcare sector, are making indirect spending an important strategic priority for cost reduction. These are the costs associated with purchasing goods or services that do not influence your facility’s solutions in a significant way. Indirect spending may seem small, but it can greatly impact your business’s bottom line. However, having a […]

Your Procurement Process Can Be Simplified by These GPO Offerings

It’s common for procurement to have to make purchases for numerous different organizational departments. Being an authority on all of the available products and services while also having a thorough understanding of what your stakeholders require to be successful is challenging. You might need to expand your workforce by including a group purchasing organization (GPO) […]

What Is The Role Of GPOs In The Healthcare Sector?

Buying the items you need at the lowest prices can be difficult as you might lack the purchasing power required to negotiate large discounts from suppliers. This is where the role of Group Purchasing Organizations comes in; they leverage the power of a group of healthcare providers to get the best pricing from vendors. By […]